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Day 2 of Makeover: Drink More Water!

I have to say, trying to cut down on sugar is hard! It was almost as if the
moment I stated what I was going to do, the sugar cravings started. I'm
drinking water each time I get a craving--and am trying very hard to drop the
habit. Last night, I was looking for something sweet and reached for a few jelly beans...but stopped myself and cut up an orange instead. I'm hoping that after 21 days, I will be in a much better place health wise! Stick with me!

So today, given that I'm trying to take a swig of water each time I get a sugar craving, my goal is to start drinking more water. I had started this over the holidays, but this is an important habit to stick with. It started right when I got up this morning: I had a giant glass of water (I prefer room temperature). Then I placed the bottle right in front of me on my desk so every time I look at my computer today, I have to drink. By the end of the day, my goal is 72 ounces of water! I'll check in tomorrow and let you know how I do. If you're following me, tell me how you're doing!


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