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Day 5 of our 21-day Makeover!

Stick with me! This is the hardest part of any new regimen. This is when you a) get bored b) fall of the wagon and think I can't do this (or I don't want to do this) c) feel that you're not seeing results so why bother. You CAN do it! Just think of all the Success Stories we feature in Shape; at one point they thought they couldn't do it either, but they went on to drop pounds, run a triathlon, and more. No matter what your goal, the most important part is sticking with it. That's why we're making small simple changes every day. The idea: stick with each change every by the end of 21 days, you've actually made 21 small changes for better health. Let's recap: we're cutting down on sugar, drinking more water, adding more fruits and veggies (5-9 servings each day), and incorporating more activity into our everyday activities. Today is Saturday and it's time to put in a power workout. I've waited until today to add this in...selfishly because I've had a busy week at work with late nights and knew that I couldn't get in my usual workout until today. But this is the reality for so many of us...and that's okay, as long as you're continuing your other healthy habits. I just got off the elliptical where I did intervals with hand weights to get my heart rate up (to do it: warm up for 5 minutes, then pick up a pair of 3-5 pound dumbbells and pump your arms with them for 5 minutes while your legs are working...then set them down and do 5 minutes of regular elliptical action...then pick up the weights again and repeat every 5 minutes until you finish your 30-minute target). You can do this slow/fast plan with a treadmill (walk for 5 minutes, run for 5) or on any cardio machine. If you don't have access to a machine, lace up your sneakers and get outside for an invigorating walk/run routine. If you have kids and don't have babysitting, put the kids in a stroller (or have them walk/run with you if they're older) and get outdoors. No excuses today! Be sure to follow up your 30-minute workout with push-ups and/or chair dips and crunches (or other ab and arm exercises) as well as the other everyday activities we talked about earlier in the plan. Good luck!

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