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Day 7: Stop THIS common habit

I’m a stand-up eater when I’m at home. I’ll talk on the phone (or talk to my husband or my kids) while I’m nibbling off leftovers (usually my kids half-eaten plates). I’ll take a taste of this or a taste of that while I’m standing at the counter, famished after a long day (but before I actually sit down to eat). Even if you don't have kids, it's so common to take a nibble of this or it from a plate of goodies in the office kitchen or from the chip bag while your dinner is heating up. This is the easiest way to rack up calorie intake—and the day to stop it is now.

Sometimes, I do it almost mindlessly…so I have to be more conscious of what I’m eating and where. Every time I want to eat, I have to fix myself a plate and sit down with a fork and/or spoon and knife. That ought to be enough to kill the desire for a taste of my son’s leftover French toast!

What you’ll find: if you cut out the little tastes of this and nibbles of that, you’ll trim many calories—and over time, all those cuts will add up to a pound lost!

So let's recap our makeover so far: you should be working out from now on at least 30 minutes a day plus staying active; drinking more water; cutting down on processed sugar and sweets; and keeping track of your fruit and veggie intake and getting as much as possible. Remember, you will have some setbacks, but the idea is to stick with the plan and just get right back on track. Good luck...and write to me to let me know how you're doing!

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