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Day 8: Eat Fresh!

Oops! Almost forgot to post my blog today...but today's goal (and moving forward) is to have as much fresh and/or home cooked food as possible. As a society, we eat so much packaged/processed food, which works in a pinch. But getting too much of it doesn't satisfy you long term—and can leave you eating more (and packing on pounds).

For lunch today, I had fresh mesculun greens with grilled chicken breast and mushrooms with a tiny bit of olive oil and vinegar dressing, which was yummy! For a snack, I'm planning on fresh fruit salad.

If you can pack up some of tonight's dinner for tomorrow's lunch, that ideal. Not only will you save calories (and get more nutritious food), you'll also save money!

The other part of today's goal: read the labels on whatever processed food you do eat. If you can't recognize or even pronounce some of the ingredients (or it has a list a mile-long), it's probably better to skip it—and eat something fresh instead.

Good luck! Keep me posted on your progress!



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