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A day in the life of an Editor in Chief

Okay…so I’m blogging again. I needed a breather after 21 consecutive days of writing online (even on weekends and holidays!). I’m sticking to my 21-day plan as much as possible and really working on each of the habits (second helpings and sweets are my weaknesses!). But this past week, traveling threw my schedule for a bit of a loop (more on that below).

But one question everyone asks: what’s your life like as an Editor in Chief? Last week is a perfect example: I flew out and back from Los Angeles in a day and a half to meet celebs. My favorite: Ellen DeGeneres, who is just about the nicest and most down-to-earth person. All the while, I was reading and editing April and May articles (and faxing them back to the New York office) for upcoming issues. But what kept me on track was a kick-butt morning workout I did at the Viceroy’s gym (in Santa Monica). Interval training with the treadmill, elliptical, weights, kettlebells, jumping jacks, push-ups, and chair dips. An hour of time to myself…and it kept me energized most of the day. BUT know this: even I indulge. By about 6 p.m. LA time (9 p.m. NY time), I was exhausted and looking for a quick fix. I ate Swedish fish and chocolate—the only things on hand—to get me through. But the next day, I got right back on track….after taking the redeye home.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back to blogging…so stay tuned! (And tell me the stuff you’d like me to blog about!)

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