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December madness...

When you see a copy of Shape on newsstands (or if you're a subscriber when you get it in the mail), you see the finished product of a lot of hard work. I thought I'd give you a sneak peak today as to what goes on behind the scenes to make that issue happen. It's been so crazy around here this month, so it seemed like a good time to explain why. In a  nutshell: an idea is pitched, then researched, experts are interviewed, a story is written and edited, the art department puts the text and photos into the layout, and this is what you eventually see in the magazine. It's often not as simple as that, though; there are probably a million and one steps in between before even one page is complete: imagine how many articles, photos, and pages are in each issue, and you can see how things can get hectic. Late nights in the office are part of the deal, too. My friends are usually shocked when I answer their texts and tell them I'm still in the office and can't hang out.  But I've become good friends with the other editors so we make our late-hours fun. We order dinner, play music off iTunes, get our work done, and leave satisfied knowing that we just completed another new issue.

I'll be gone for the holidays, however, I have a lot to update you on with the new stuff going on at Shape in the New Year. Stay tuned and I'll fill you in. Happy Holidays everyone!

What to look forward to with me after the New Year:

  • A look back at my exciting year in 2008 and what's ahead for me in 2009.
  • My triathlon training begins--I'm registered, now 7 months to go!
  • I'm getting the scoop on new beauty and fashion trends and telling you all about it.
  • Spring time and warm weather means more time outdoors, and exploring the city!
  • Answering your questions about studying journalism, getting an internship, and finding your first job.


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