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Does knowing more make me worry more?

As editors, we're constantly surrounded by the latest news, research, and random facts--maybe things I wouldn't be as aware of if I wasn't working at a magazine. On the flip side of that, knowing more sometimes makes me worry more. Should I be carrying my hand sanitizer everywhere I go?  How many calories were in that handful of peanuts I just ate?  The new face moisturizer I tried has an ingredient I don't recognize...will I breakout overnight? Thoughts like these can become obsessive and overwhelming; so I know I can be overreacting a bit. However, the other day as I was undressing at the gym I noticed the mole on my chest--one that's been there forever--looked a little larger than normal. Inundated with endless information about skin cancer every day at work, I worried more than usual that this spot was cancerous.

I've got a dermatologist appointment coming up, and I'm hoping that I'm just being a neurotic stressball--but I know it's better to be safe than sorry. My coworkers make sure they have regular visits with their doctors, something they say they didn't put as much thought into before they started working at Shape. I'm looking forward to getting on track with my health as well. I've never had a full body mole check with a dermatologist (I don't even know if I've ever been to a skin doctor, ah!) and I'm scared of what I don't know. But for now, I'm continually going to be lathering myself up with sunscreen just to be extra safe. (On that note, I've also learned that regardless of a sunny day you should still be wearing an SPF--the sun's rays have the same effects even when it's cloudy out.) I'll let you know what happens at my doctor's visit in a few weeks...wish me luck. 


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