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Doing it All

The reason I’ve been kind of MIA lately is probably along the same lines as the hectic-ness you all experience in your busy lives.

Christmas break was heavenly. I got to exercise, I got to write about fitness, I got to be vegan, I got to read for pleasure.

Then I came back to school, decided to train for a half-marathon, started a new volunteer commitment, began applying for a semester abroad, etc, all without lowering my standard of performance in all my classes. Some of you even manage part- or full-time jobs on top of everything else, like Becky, a fabulous reader who passed along some of her favorite vegan websites. 

How do you do it? I sound like a broken record, but this is just as much for my benefit—everything seems easier when I’ve worked out: moved my body and cleared my head. It’s the “me” time that we feel we lack when we’re being pulled in a thousand different directions. Even if you feel like you’re “spinning your wheels,” as my mom would say, not getting anything done during the day even though you’ve been at it for hours, get a workout. You get instantaneous, measurable results: you’ve run or swam this far, for this long, lifted this much, built up your cardio, toned your muscles. It’s so rewarding in a way that reading 50 pages just isn’t.

Even though taking an extra hour to dedicate to the gym sounds like a source of stress, for me it decrease the pressure I feel—not just in the long run, but the second I step off that machine.


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