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Doing my triathlon this weekend!

Last weekend it took me 10 minutes (while standing in the water) to psych myself up to swim beyond the buoys and out into the big ("bad") lake at large. I talked to myself, I was scared, and then I pushed off and swam the crawl in my wetsuit. (See pic; wetsuits and swim caps don't seem to flattering on anyone!) My mom was in a kayak with my son and my husband was in a kayak with my daughter paddling around me - and all were routing me on. It felt good and while I was swimming I thought back to my mom and dad forcing me to go to several summers of swim camp when I was younger ("because everyone should know how to swim" they told me). It took me this long to be truly thankful for that!

But just as quickly as my confidence was buoyed by my swim, I found out that I won't be swimming in a wetsuit when I hit the Schuylkill River (where I'm doing the swim part of the triathlon on Sunday). When the water temperature exceeds 75 degrees, you're not allowed to wear a wetsuit. And the Schuylkill River is tracking at 84 degrees. I panicked, but then hit the pool in my triathlon suit and decided that I'd be just fine. (I have to tell you: I haven't even done the triathlon yet and I'm already feeling such a self-esteem boost!)

But I'm not alone; it seems that doing a triathlon seems to be all the rage among celebs (supposedly it's the hottest Hollywood workout now); click on our slideshow of celebs who have done them.

And in a life lesson that I learned this week: I stepped on my digital scale this morning because I was feeling so confident-and the battery was dead. I thought, "This is a sign. It's not about how much I weight I've lost, it's about what I've accomplished so far!" A good thing to remember!

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