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Ahhh…a moment of peace at home on a Saturday, when I can write my blog. The kids are out with my husband and I’m spending some time thinking about my makeover. (Even if I’m late posting, particularly on the weekends, I will post. Be patient with me!:))

Today’s thought is that one of the easiest ways to control what you’re eating: skip seconds. When I’m at home, it’s always so tempting to just put a little more on my plate of this or that—and then just maybe a tiny bit more—after I’ve already cleared my plate. This is all too common with dinner, in particular.

I’ve found that I eat way too fast these days…so by the time I’m done eating, my brain hasn’t registered that I’m full. But usually I’m already up for another helping.

So I’m skipping seconds from this day on. Fill your plate (make it a small—not large—plate) with half heaping veggies, one quarter whole grains, and one quarter whatever else you’re having. And then savor every bite and leave it at that.

I’ve never been one to diligently track calories; I find that I get way to obsessive about everything I put into my mouth and it becomes all consuming—and then when I’m out to eat, I feel lost if I don’t know how may calories something has. So an easy way to limit your calories is not going back for any more of anything.

Start this tonight with your dinner and follow through on every meal for the rest of our 21-day program. Good luck…and let me know how you’re doing!

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