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Don't Be Discouraged by Small Setbacks

Unfortunately, I've already missed my goal of blogging once a day!  Yesterday was actually a bit stressful for me because I am studying to an important exam (seriously, my career depends on it).  Intense stress regretfully leads to BINGE EATING!  I've had this problems for years but am finally starting to nip it in the bud.

I believe my binging started back in college (when my metabolism was much higher, it seems).  I actually didn't even realize my overeating late at night was a problem.  I felt healthy, all my doctor's appointments were five stars, and I wasn't gaining any weight.  In fact, I somehow accidentally LOST weight in college.  But then, I really started to pack on the pounds when I continued to manage my stress via binging AND had a very sedentary job with occasional long hours.  The pounds crept up and this horrible habit continued through graduate school.  During my last year of grad school, I exerted effort to manage stress by not procrastinating (easier said than done) and getting at least seven hours of sleep when possible (again, easier said then done).  But, when health becomes our #1 priority, these things really are possible!  Now I think: do I really need to send an additional email? Must I really watch the movie on TV?  Do I really need to finish this assignment tonight?  If the honest answer is no, then I hit the sack.

And yesterday, I completely regressed for the first time in a year!  I was studying for my exam and decided to walk around the block for a short break.  During my walk, I had a craving for peach rings (the gummy candies) and a craving for something salty.  During my walk, I enter the grocery store and purchase two salty items and the peach rings.  The products from the trip ultimately became my dinner!  (Note the absolute lack of nutrition.)  I kicked myself for the remainder of the evening.  And to top it off, I didn't even exercise yesterday!

BUT, TODAY IS A NEW DAY!  I will leave yesterday in the past and try to stick with my good habits.

Here's how I combatted my binging issues (primarily on my own):

  • min. 7 hours of sleep
  • stress management.  I learned while I perform exceptionally well under pressure, I tended to procrastinate for no good reason.  So, I try my best to stop procrastinating.  Still working on this one (given that I am writing a blog entry when I should be studying)...
  • reduce internalizations.  I have a habit to keep a lot bottled up and it got to the point I stopped vocalizing my frustrations.  This was an unhealthy habit.  Now, while I am not confrontational, I try to adequately express my point of view.  When frustrated, I tell the individual (in a tactful manner) why.  If there is a problem, I try to activately problem solve with people instead of doing it on my own or sweeping the issue under the rug.  Most of my internalization were in my personal life, not my work life.
  • learning to let go.  I used to be the Queen of What Ifs.  I'm trying to demote myself.

Have you dealt with binge eating issues?  Please comment and feel free to leave additional advice.


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