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Don't You Just Love Fitting It All In?

I was an ace scheduler last night and managed to squeeze in a workout between work and dinner. I fit everything in so perfectly; I think I heard my day planner cheering!

I slipped out of the office to catch a 5:30pm spin session at Soul Cycle Union Square with Ayana Wiles-Bey. The class was pumping with pop music and positive vibes, highlighted by a triple-paced electric violin number that had us sprinting like maniacs. As riders were clipping out at the end, I overheard a woman tell her bike neighbor that she only goes to Ayana's classes, proclaiming: "Her energy is unbeatable!" As someone who swears nothing is better than a good run, I've got to admit the class was super satisfying.

After sweating for a solid 45 minutes, I toweled off (no showers a this Soul Cycle location) and slicked my hair back—thank you, Natalie Portman and Black Swan for making ballerina buns cool again. And then I walked across town to get to a 7:00pm work dinner.

I met up with publicist extraordinaire Candace Craig Bulishak at Colicchio & Sons. She told me about next season's hottest eyeliners and mascara from Tarte Cosmetics as we munched on butter-poached oysters, roasted Hudson Valley rabbit, and caramelized red velvet cake with cherries. (If I ate like this everyday, I'd never have to worry about taking in enough calories!)

My jam-packed evening ended with a bath at 10:00pm. I climbed into bed thirty minutes later exhausted, yet very impressed with my scheduling skills.

This morning my shins are feeling fine. (Hooray for Akoya Acupuncture!) But I'm still a little nervous. I usually run hill repeats on Thursdays and I'm concerned about putting too much strain on the fronts of my legs on the down hills. Maybe I should go for another indoor spin instead?

Are you a spin fan? How do you squeeze workouts into your day?

P.S. To my friends in the North Country at Global Fitness Glens Falls: NYC has nothing on your hills. Pick it up!


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