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Doubling Up On Cold

Cough. Cough. Sniffle. Sniffle. After all my big talk about not letting a business trip get in the way of my training, I've been derailed by a cold. (Clearly, I'm not as hardcore as I'd like you to think I am.) I slept through a 42-minute interval run yesterday, so I decided to do it this morning. I forced myself out of bed, pulled on tights, a long sleeve shirt, and a jacket, and stepped out into 10 degrees of madness.

I made it 4 blocks from my apartment, decided the cold and wind were just too much, turned around, and jogged straight back to bed. And now… I'm pooped and my nose is running faster than I was this a.m.

I'm smart enough to know I should give my body extra rest when it's fighting off a bug, but I still feel guilty for skipping runs.  

Do you workout when you're sick?


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