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The downside of working out more

I am hungry all the time! Since I have started working out more days (5 consistent days this week) and more time (my workouts are going from 30 to 45 to 60 minutes), I feel like I'm eating everything in sight (well, that might be a SLIGHT exaggeration but it seems like it, particularly when I passed a huge plate of candy in the office yesterday and grabbed a massive handful—well, actually two [I went back for more!]).

But thankfully, we've got some amazing top-notch experts on our staff and our advisory board—and Nancy Clark (renowned sports nutritionist and author of numerous books including Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook) is one of them. Her advice for dealing with exercise-induced hunger: eat protein with EVERY meal and eat at least every four hours (no, not fistfuls of Reese's Pieces and Sour Patch Kids!) She also recommends avoiding "train gain": the idea that "I-worked-out-hard-so-I-deserve-it" attitude about food. THAT can pack on pounds (something that, if I keep up at this rate, WILL happen). Look for more Nancy Clark tips in our June issue (out at the end of May).

So for today, I added extra almonds to my steel cut oats for breakfast (as well as having a few side slices of avocado [I was packing some for my son's lunch as he loves avocados!], which also seems to be helping tide me over until lunch today). And at lunch I plan to make sure I eat protein. I have a business luncheon to attend, so we'll see what kind of options they serve!

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