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The early bird...really does catch the worm

I remember years ago, when I was young, waking up to find that my dad and younger brother had already been out for breakfast. The late wakers ended up with cereal and milk at home ... while my dad repeated that old cliché: 'In life, Valerie, the early bird catches the worm'. That saying definitely holds true in my life today: I've found that waking up extra early is some of the most productive, sane time of the day. It's the best time to exercise (I've discovered that if I don't work out first thing in the morning, I often don't work out at all); put together a to-do list for the day (before the craziness of the day ensues); pay bills; and sometimes, just sip a cup of green tea (I don't drink coffee) while listening to the world wake up. And for me and any moms--working or not--it's also some of the only time I get sans kids clamoring for something. I'm actually writing this blog at 5:50 a.m.; now I'm off for half an hour on the elliptical!

One daily change: Set your alarm for half an hour earlier tomorrow (start gradually; don't just get up an hour earlier or you'll be exhausted) and enjoy what those extra minutes can do for you. You definitely WILL start the day off on the right foot.


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