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Even triathletes have cellulite!

I was in the dressing room shopping the summer sales this weekend and yes, took a good hard look at my lingering cellulite—in those horrible dressing room mirrors. But it bothered me SO MUCH LESS because of what I have accomplished to this point. I felt strong and confident…who cares about a little bit of pesky cellulite!! I’m a triathlete!

The next day I wore my tee-shirt from the triathlon for the first time (how cute is this!)…and it got me thinking. I was amazed to see women of every age (some were in their 60s!), every size (some overweight and many—including me!—with cellulite), and every walk of life (some cancer survivors) doing the triathlon.

So the saying of this tee-shirt really hits home; it’s not about your hip size or your butt size or even what the scale says. It’s about your real measurements: in this case the length of distance I traveled. And if you’re not a triathlete, the same holds true: think about what you’ve accomplished so far and hold that up as a measure of self-worth. Take that cellulite!

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