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Ever thought about doing a Triathlon?

If you, like me, have ever thought about doing a triathlon...but then figured, "I'm out of shape", "Not this year (maybe next)", or "I could never do one"...then you may want to join me in doing a triathlon this year. THIS is my first—and yes, I do wake up in the middle of the night sometimes thinking "what the heck did I decide to do...and why???"

But here's the bottom line: I turned 40 at the end of last year and I started to get a sense of life's passing—and how many things I had always said I wanted to do. "Oh yeah, one day I want to do a triathlon" was one of those thoughts. So I asked myself "When is that one day going to be Valerie? Next year, 5 years, 10 years..OR are you going to keep putting it off and never going to do it?" I realized it was the latter so—before I could chicken out—I went online, tracked down a tri in my area (Philadelphia Women's Triathlon on July 11), and signed up. Done. Next step: I started telling people so then I really couldn't back out. (And I also wrote my editor's letter in the May issue about then I really truly couldn't back out. It was in print!)

And now I actually get excited thinking about it. (The swim still scares me, to be 100% truthful...but we've all got to challenge ourselves!) I went on an amazing 3.5 mile run through the park early this morning to get started with my trainiing (it was beautiful; the weather was a bit chilly but really nice) and realized so much of what we need to overcome in our lives IS all mental. Just getting your mind in the game—whatever it may be—is about 90 percent of the battle. The next steps: figuring out what gear you have and what you need. I'm still doing this and will write blog updates about cool stuff I find. And if you don't want to do a tri, but want to achieve something you've always wanted to do, still check in for I'll try to help motivate.

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