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Every little thing does add up

I’ve been working hard at dropping my baby weight for over a year and a half now (since my daughter was born)—and have been regularly tracking my body fast lost. Every six to eight weeks, I’ve been steadily losing 1-1.5% of body fat. But lately, I admit, I’ve been slacking off: blame it on the weather, blame it on seeking out comfort foods on chilly days—I could come up with a 1,000 excuses. But the truth is, I haven’t been diligent. I haven’t been doing my cardio workouts as often as I need to—and I’ve been skipping my regular strength training sessions. So today, when I had my body fat measured, I didn’t lose a single percentage point of body fat. Not one tiny bit of fat was lost.

The key, I realized in my funk afterward, was that every little bit does add up. Nipping problems in the bud is the key to stopping weight gain: what happened this morning was a wake-up call. When you eat more calories than you burn off, guess what Valerie, you don’t lose weight! (Yes, even the editor in chief of Shape needs to be reminded every once in awhile!) It’s that simple equation that we have to keep in mind as we move into the holiday season. (Check out the 15-minute workouts you can do anywhere in the latest issue of Shape.) No, don’t deprive yourself, but keep working out and eat everything in moderation. For me, I’m striving to make these next 6 to 8 weeks count. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.


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