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Everything in Moderation

One thing you all should know about me up front is that I have a major sweet tooth. You can throw bags of chips and crackers at me all day and I'll never go overboard with them, but if a good-quality sweet treat is in the vicinity, I tend to overindulge. Sometimes I feel it's justified because I'm discerning; I hardly ever eat packaged sweets so I feel like homemade goods are always okay. It's a mindset that I really need to work on...

I definitely watch what I eat, but I wouldn't say I diet. I tend to go with the 'everything in moderation' philosophy. I've found, through much trial and error, that depriving myself backfires when, after about a week I overindulge in everything I tried to cut out. But, when I slip into 'everything in way more than moderation' mode I have to take a step back and recommit to healthy portions. What foods cause you to go overboard? Sweets? Salt? Greasy fast food?

I've found a few healthy alternatives for the things we really love and could never entirely give up. Try subbing these in for the less healthy option most of the time, and save the real thing for special occasions.

Sweets. Check out Shape's list of great sweet indulgences under 150 calories per serving here.

Salty foods. Try Popcorn Indiana Kettlecorn, winner of the Shape Best Snack Award in 2008. It comes in a ton of different flavors and I'm a certified addict. (And it's about half the price at Walmart as it is at Whole Foods.)

Greasy fast food. Here are some options for a quick breakfast on the go that starts your day on the right foot (yup, you can go to Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds).

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