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ExerciseTV on Demand

Last Friday night I was babysitting and when the 2-year-old went to bed I started flipping through the channels (something I rarely get time to do). I came across ExerciseTV on Demand, which is just like Movies on Demand, but you can choose from a variety of workouts and fitness trends taught by top celebrity trainers and pros. (Need a butt lift? Want to practice pilates? How about some yoga? And there's even sports training sessions and dance classes to choose from.) But the coolest thing is that these videos are free, available 24 hours a day 7 days a week; they fit into any busy schedule (some are just 10 minutes long and can be easily squeezed into your morning routine before you hit the office)! This is really good news for me since I just cancelled my gym membership (the new apartment I'm moving into has a pool and a gym!) and I won't be able to take classes anymore. Now I can do sessions with my favorite trainers, like Jackie Warner from Bravo's Work Out. Plus, I've got a rewind button in case I need extra help learning a new move.


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