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Faith Hill looks fabulous


Wow! Have you guys seen the latest issue with Faith Hill?? It's her first time EVER in a bikini on a cover and Shape
got the scoop! It's all over the internet and being talked about on the entertainment news shows--makes me kind of proud to be at the center of it. At 41, with three kids, and a busy career Faith manages to find the time to work out and look fabulous. (I really should have no excuse.) That's the thing about working here, I find inspiration everyday from my coworkers, in new ideas, and from readers and
celebrities we profile. When I have my doubts about hitting the gym after work, I remember that even getting a quick workout, just 20 minutes, is better than nothing. And looking like Faith when I'm her age is something I can only hope for--so taking a cue from our cover model, I''m going to a Pilates class after work, something I've never



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