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Fashion Week

I just finished watching Gossip Girl
(thank God for TiVO) and of course it was an awesome episode, but the
coming attractions for next week looked even better--didn't they?
Serena's out to steal the spotlight from Blair during Fashion Week, the
most important time of year for these girls. But before we see Serena
strut her stuff down the runway on TV next week, I figured I'd take
some time to tell you all what I experienced during my time at fashion

First, while I might not work in the fashion department I do
get some mega-perks being the editor in chief's assistant. One such
bonus: snagging A-list row seats to fashion shows. And that's how I
found myself, at the Art Academy of Fashion, seated in the second row
near the end of the runway. Like FIT, the Art Academy--located in San
Francisco--is one of the best fashion schools in the nation. Looking
around seeing news reporters and famous faces like Nigel Barker from
Top Model (he is just as good looking in person, and trust me girls
were swarming him for pics), I felt out of my element, but I was
totally loving it! And my seat was the perfect spot: I could see every
model's entire outfit from head to toe as they gave their final pose
for hundreds of photographers perched at the runway's end.

After the show, I scoped the scene from outside the tents--a fashion show in itself. Everyone is
dressed to impress, and I was intimidated--I knew that some of the
outfits being worn by other editors probably cost more than the total
in my savings account. Thank God for H&M's money-saving, runway
inspired looks for all the assistants of the world, like me. Were my
work clothes fancy enough for a fashion show? And were my party clothes
appropriate for wearing to the office? Well, I always read in magazines
that changing an outfit from day to night is as simple as a different
pair of shoes and bag or a few extra accessories, so this is just what
I did. (It made my life much easier than having to pack an extra outfit
to change into).

Then, when I went to the Miss Sixty show,
who did I see but Blake Lively herself (probably studying up for her TV
role). She was sitting in the front row and looking just as pretty in
person as she does on TV. The paparazzi thought so too--watching them
swarm around her was like watching vultures fight for their food. How
celebrities put up with that kind of attention is beyond me!


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