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Feeling Down? Try This DIY Pick-Me-Up Today!


Who ever would have thought that one's refrigerator would make for a peaceful and happy place? It's a given that its colorful contents on the day of a grocery shopping trip can lift any spirits but sometimes when it sits empty, as mine often does, it can be a lonely and cold place.

I consider myself a lucky gal in that my fridge sits almost an arm's length from my bed (thanks to my studio apartment) and is something that I pass on the way to the bathroom or in order to get to the front door. Since it's one of the focal points in my life, and in most people's lives for that matter, it's something that I feel should represent all of the good and exciting things that have happened in the past or that will happen in the future.

So, I've created what I like to refer to as my "feel-good fridge." I decorate it high and low with announcements, pictures, birthday and wedding invitations, thank you cards, unique magnets, and memorabilia from life events I don't ever want to forget. Some may call it clutter, but I call it organized constructive chaos. And there's not a time I walk by that something doesn't catch my eye and bring memories of something meaningful and important to me back to the surface. On a bad day, it also reminds me that I'm surrounded by family and friends— and that things will get better.

If you don't have a feel-good fridge, you might want to consider it. It's an easy way to create an an uplifting environment in your home. Words such as, "Thank you," "I love you," "You're the best", "Can't wait to see you again," "Happy birthday," "Merry Christmas," "I had such a blast," "Save the date!," "first birthday," "What a wonderful time we had," and "so happy to call you my friend," never get old! Trust me on this one.

If you have something similar in your house and want to share it, please post a picture to Girl on the Go's Facebook wall. Here is a picture of my friend Ellen's wall in her kitchen for some inspiration:


Singing Off Feeling Good About My Fridge Even if it is Empty,

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