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A Few of My Favorite Things--Valentine's Day Edition


Happy Valentine's Day SHAPEr's! I just got back from a weekend away in the country with my fiance. It was a belated birthday gift and a much needed rejuvenation to our relationship. In the spirit of the "holiday," I've compiled some of SHAPE's best advice, workouts and recipes (it's what we do best) for a healthy Valentine's Day.

Truth be told my fiance and I don't celebrate the holiday, but we do have a tradition of ordering pizza and watching whatever is on TV. Maybe if we feel crazy we'll try one of the below, but it's a mandatory mellow night for us.

Fitness Workouts with your Partner--Jeremiah has banned me from working out with him, but if your mate hasn't then you should try out SHAPE's Workouts with a Partner.

8 Diet-Friendly Desserts to Bake for your Valentine--A box of chocolates is so cliche and unimaginative. And as the old saying goes: "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Baking the sweet treats specifically for him is not only special but creative.

16 Low-Cal Love Potions for Valentine's Day--Get your night started on the right side of the scale with these low-cal drinks with a Valentine's Day spin.

6 Surprising Foods That Get You in the Mood-- If you're hoping for a little something extra this Valentine's Day, check out these foods that are considered aphrodisiacs.

I Will Always Love You--In memory of one of the greatest voices of all time, Whitney Houston. If you have a Valentine's Day playlist, this song is almost mandatory.


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