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Fighting for what you want—updating my home gym!

Since I’ve moved into my apartment complex, I’m paying more attention to how little I’m switching things up when I work out my building’s health club. I no longer sprint to be first to use the spinning bikes, because the ones we have are definitely from the 1980’s—severely outdated—and quick and easy workouts with the kettlebells and medicine balls have been eliminated from my list, as we don’t even have this gear either. (And although you might think that I can just purchase my own set and use it in my home, let’s be serious, a Manhattan apartment is just not that big. The tiny space we live in makes it pretty difficult to use these in any capacity without doing damage to my living room furniture). Not only are the gym bikes so outdated and necessary equipment missing from our health club, but couches and coffee tables take up most of the space where gym-goers could be doing lunges, crunches, or pushups. (This is a gym, not a playroom or lounge!) However, strict building rules in Manhattan prevent me from being able to simply buy my own weights or kettlebells (like our brand new Shape branded gear!) and just bring them to the fitness center.


So, I’ve hit a brick wall. I’m so passionate about having the right equipment to get the most out of my workouts (also to help ward off exercise boredom!) that I’ve compiled a health club proposal for how the residents in my building can make small contributions, or work together to come up with ideas so we can get what we need for the gym. I’ve also suggested donating our old equipment to which gives machines to places like: hospitals, police stations, fire houses, foster homes, schools and individuals who can’t afford their own. Who knows what will happen or what suggestions will pass through the seemingly strict board, but if you never ask you’ll never know what you’re capable of doing or changing in this world. Perhaps I can encourage you to make small changes or speak up when you want to be heard!


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