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Finding balance your last year of college and after...

Two years ago, I had just graduated college. During my four years in college my healthy habits varied. Some semesters, believe it or not, I didn't work out at all! But after seeing my closest friends go to the gym everyday--why did I stay in my room while they were working out?--I decided to just go with them. I started getting on a much better routine--interning for a magazine during the day, classes at night (college in the city does have it's advantages!) and working out when I got back to my dorm. My college fitness center stayed open until midnight, which I'm so grateful for. Before this, I would go to class, lounge around, and go out partying with my friends much too late for my own good; not to mention all the late night disco-fries and Buffalo wings we'd mindlessly munch on. But getting myself back into shape turned out to be super important for me because I may not have had the motivation after I graduated college to get in the gym. My editor in chief mentioned in her blog yesterday that exercise and eating right go hand-in-hand, and maybe if I hadn't introduced exercising into my daily routine, then I'd still be eating junk food more often than I should--and would probably be overweight and have less energy to do everything I'm doing today.

I bring this up now because when I moved into the city, exercising again was the first thing to go off my list of things to do. Just like college, moving out and onto my own in Manhattan was another new step in my life. It seems like every time I go through a big life change like this, I get easily distracted by everything else to do, and I don't take care of my own body. So it was one year ago this month when I vowed to stop this bad trend by signing up for a triathlon. With this new goal in mind, I made sure that no matter how stressful my day in the office was, I would go to the gym (only one block away, so I had no excuse!). And now a year later, not only am I in the best shape of my life, but I know that no matter what's on my plate I can carve time out of my day to work out. Not only has working out helped me look better, but I feel so much better too; I let any frustrations out during that hour in the gym so I'm refreshed and ready to go at work the next day. I really do thank my job at Shape for helping me realize how important it is to live a healthier lifestyle.

As this is the last week that my interns are here, I've given them some of the life lessons I've learned--from being one of them. I hope they take everything we taught them here at Shape back to school. Life after college is confusing and hectic, and a huge adjustment, but if you can do one thing to keep a positive mindset about the future, hopefully working out will keep you on the right track. It teaches you about commitment, dedication, and prioritizing; all things that are important in your professional life too. Exercising this past year has put balance back into my life--and all it took was taking one hour (or less) out of my day to get on a routine.


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