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Finding the right Pilates teacher for you

There is an abundance of trainers. Some specializing in Pilates and others who incorporate Pilates principles into their existing workout. The fabulous benefits of doing a Pilates workout with a knowledgeable trainer are mental as well as physical. We love the fact that we get more flexible; we get stronger; we tone and firm the enire body; we develop awareness of our bodies; we become more graceful, more efficient at everything else we do; and I especially love the increase in my energy level and the release of stress. All that being said, if you mix Pilates with a different workout or have an ill-trained teacher you will not get all the benefits mentioned above. So what do you do to find the RIGHT Pilates teacher?

Here are the first five questions you should ask any Pilates training you are vetting:

1). Are you certified in the Pilates method?

2). Does your instructor certification program have any direct links to Joseph Pilates' teachings?

3). How long did it take you to get certified?

4). How long have you been teaching?

5) Do you practice continuing education?

A good certifcation program takes anywhere from 8 month to 1 1/2 years. All of the best certification programs have some link, whether it be in workshops or the people teaching the program, to Joseph Pilates. It is up to you whether or not you want to workout with someone who has a lot of teaching experience. Experience does not always mean that the trainer is great. You must feel a connection yourself because the Pilates workout is very intimate and you want to be comfortable. Continuing education always makes an instructor fresh and eager to try new ideas. If the trainer gives you any hestitation or attitude in answering your questions, RUN...

I recommend that you that you look online at Romana's Pilates where trainers are listed. In my opinion, Romana's Pilates is the best program, the one through which I am certified.


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