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Finding something new to do

Now that I'm not attending mandatory practices five days a
week, working out can be fun again. It's not that I ever dread exercising, but
I'm looking forward to doing it on my time--when and how I want. Before my
triathlon I'd go to early morning spinning classes and lunchtime yoga sessions
with my coworkers; but with the triathlon I didn't want to push my body too
much so I scaled back on these things. Now, I'm going to go back to those
rituals, but to switch it up a bit I've decided to take three new gym classes a
week. So far, I've taken stretch and strengthening (I really needed it after my legs were so tight!) and I've also worked out with celebrity trainer,
Brett Hoebel. Brett's fitness style takes a different approach than what most
trainers do; he blends Brazilian Martial Arts, kickboxing, core-training and
yoga, with a focus on your abs (anything with  martial arts I love!). His one-hour session was as tough as the
six-mile run of my triathlon, and I was sore for days again! The next time I
was at my gym, I incorporated some of his ab routines in my workout to spice
things up; but I couldn't remember them all. When Brett's DVDs are available in
the Fall I'm definitely following his 45 day program (nutrition guidelines
included, yay!)--I definitely think it works. Until then I'm going to make use of the
classes I never get to take. Maybe I'll become a yogi or practice my dance
moves in hip-hop funk offered every Tuesday night by my office. I'm totally
uncoordinated, but I'm feeling triathlon withdrawal just a little bit, so it'll
be fun to try something new.

Check out the pics of my coworkers and I working out with Brett!


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