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First Kickstart Dinner

It was a success! I made the Hoppin’ John Salad and instead of Kwick Kale went with the steamed broccoli and roasted carrots my parents were making with their salmon. (Side note, grilled salmon is one of my favorite foods, ever, and it was tough not to eat it last night!) But my dinner was really good, easy to make, and satisfying.

This bowl of John is HOPPIN’! I’m spacey and forgot to buy the tomato, but it wouldn’t have tasted it's best in the winter anyway, just added some lovely color. Loved the lemony dressing and looking forward to having some more for dinner tonight.

 Some fresh pineapple chunks for dessert and a glass of water with mint and a sliced cucumber in it. I know it looks like a fish tank, but infused water is fab.

What I would change for future endeavors? Be more organized. I got home from the gym around 7:30, made a grocery run, came home and got set up, then realized the brown rice would take 40 minutes to cook. By this point I was ravenous and thank goodness for the broccoli and carrots to hold me over or I might have made a dive for the Ezekiel bread and Better n’ PB. Thankfully I made a liiiiittle more rice that I needed so I’ll be using that with dinner tonight.

Veg it up,

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