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Fist Day

Today is the first day of my Get in Shape program.  I've been talking about it for the past 4 months and I'm still at the same weight...144.  So, here's to getting online support and getting to my goal weight of 129 and loosing my flabby tummy by Valentine's Day.  Maybe by then I can actually find a babysitter who I trust to stay with my daughter and my husband and I can go celebrate 8.5 years together.  A date...boy, we haven't had one of those in about 6 months and we could really use it. 

Day 1 - Weight 144 - Waist 33

It's really the waist number I'm worried about.  I know it's a good indicator that I need to get in shape and with a 17 month old and being 42 already, I need to get myself fit so I can keep up with my little girl for a long time to come.

Just finished my first workout (20 minutes) Cardio and Yoga segments of 10 Minute Trainer and feel really good about it.  My daughter cried through the first 10 minute segment even though there was nothing wrong and I was right there with her.  Guess she will have to get use to Mommy working out.


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