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1920s Hairstyles for The Great Gatsby Opening


After tons of buzz, it’s finally here: The Great Gatsby opens today. And that means 1920s fashion and hairstyles are going to become the trends everyone is sporting. The good news is these looks are easy to create yourself, especially with our expert how-tos for a bob, waves, or bouffant. And if you try any, let us know! Tweet a photo @Shape_Magazine.


Faux Bob
Julius Michael of Julius Michael Salon in Scarsdale, NY, created this look for Gretchen Rossi, one of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

1. Make a headband-wide section across the front of your hair and clip that out of the way. Take the remaining hair and clip that out of the way as well.
2. Go back to the front section and part hair as desired. Starting at the part and working toward the side, curl hair in 1/2-inch wide sections, all going in the same direction. As you curl each section, pin it up with hair pin clips so it cools. Repeat on the other side of your part.
3. Tease the remaining bottom section of hair with a paddle brush or by back-combing, and pin it into a bun or roll it up and pin it up.
4. Take the curled sections from Step 3 one at a time and brush with a paddle brush, then use bobby pins to pin each piece to your bun or pulled up hair. Remember that you are forming the illusion of a bob, so if any hair is long or hanging, use a bobby or hair pin to hide that length.
5. When all the curled sections are pinned, take out the hairline sections and use a paddle brush to smooth and manipulate your hair to give a finger-wave look, then pin all those section back. Finish with hairspray to hold the look.
Photo credit: Nathan Vanschaik

 Retro Waves
Celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Antin gave actress Julie Benz this red-carpet look for the 2013 Golden Globes.

1. Create a deep side part. Using a 1-inch curling iron, curl the hair that frames your face all in the same direction, holding the iron on each section for a few seconds to achieve the most crisp and defined curls, and spraying with hairspray as you go.
2. Continue creating curls in the same pattern all the way around your head. If any curl doesn't turn out like the others, recurl it. It is important for this look that they are all uniform.
3. Once the curls are in place, apply a firm holding spray all over. Let hair sit and cool for a few minutes.
4. Comb through curls with a fine-tooth comb so curls join together. (You may need to take your iron to a few curls to perfect the look.) Apply a finishing spray to complete the look.
Photo credit: Jonathan Antin


While Dita Von Teese's deep part and perfectly sculpted curls are similar to Benz’s look, the key here is height and stylist John Blaine’s expert instructions. Get out that teasing comb, and think 1950s housewife.

1. Mix two drops of hair serum with your favorite styling cream and evenly distribute throughout damp locks. (This will help soften your hair while adding extra shine and hold without stiffness.)
2. Using a round, boar-bristle brush and starting with the under-most layers, blow-dry two-inch sections of hair, curling the brush under the strands to create a voluminous bounce and inward curl at the ends.
3. If you want to be authentic, use rollers: Curl one-inch sections of hair using a curling barrel that’s no bigger than 1 inch. Beginning at the front of your head and at temple-level, place a roller under each section and begin wrapping hair around the roller, rolling downward toward your tips. Hold in place using a bobby pin or clip, and spritz a small amount of heat-activated hairspray on each curl.
4. Repeat Step 3 with the lower layers of your hair. As you move toward the back of your head, begin to strategically drop the starting point of your roller to create a continuous diagonal wave.
5. Once your head is crowned in rollers, set the curls with a hairdryer on low for about 10 minutes to activate the hairspray for long-lasting hold. Let hair set for another 10 minutes.
6. Beginning at the undermost layers, gently remove the rollers one by one. Apply one last light layer of hairspray for hold, then use a bobby pin to pull back a wave or two, or pin a tight curl above the ear.
Photo credit: John Blaine


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