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3 Fall Must-Have Fashion Accessories


Rachel Zoe is back! With the fourth season of The Rachel Zoe Project premiering on September 6th on Bravo, the fashionista and new mom certainly has a lot on her plate. We can't wait to see behind-the-scenes of her new fashion line, her baby boy and her life with husband Rodger Berman. While we're waiting for the premiere of her show, we thought we'd think about our favorite fall fashion must-haves. Here are the top three fall fashions that we can't wait to wear!

1. Tights. As sad as we are to see the season of bare skin and sun-kissed tans going away, we're excited for tights. Lots and lots of tights, in all different colors. The best part? If you can't bear to say goodbye to your favorite summer skirts or dresses just yet, you don't have too! You can just throw on a pair of tights underneath and keep wearing them.

2. Boots. High-heeled boots, booties, knee-high boots, rainboots, really, we're just excited for any and all kinds of boots this fall.

3. Knit sweaters and skinny jeans. I know these are two different things, but they just pair together so perfectly. There's almost nothing better than stepping out in your favorite skinny jeans and a chunky sweater or belted cape (one of Zoe's favorites). Unless of course, you throw on your favorite pair of boots before you leave the house.

Can you tell we're excited for fall? We hope you are too!



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