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5 Empowering Quotes from Successful Women

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There’s nothing like the positive energy and unstoppable attitude of dynamic, successful, and engaging women. So this week the first-ever Makers conference brought together an array of phenomenal women to "spark the next 50 years of change," executive producer Dyllan McGee said.

The meeting gathered filmmakers, authors, activists, CEOs, and more to share stories, cutting-edge case studies, and entertainment, and engage in panels to empower the 450 participants. From Chelsea Handler’s brutal honesty about her epic career (which started after she got a DUI!) to astronaut Mae Jemison, who struggles to work out while trying to put people in space, the speakers were not afraid to reveal themselves. Their ability to break the glass ceiling and soar has come from adversity, hard work, and most importantly, passion. Here are just a few of the many inspirational words of advice and practical tips we heard over the past few days.

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“A truly equal world would be one where women ran half our countries and companies and men ran half our homes. For people whose lives are ahead of them, they have the decision about how ambitious they want to be.” -Sheryl SandbergCOO of Facebook

“Don't take 'no' for an answer. Keep knocking down walls until someone says ‘yes.’” -Chelsea Handler

“Happiness is a choice. If you’re not happy, you can become happy." -Jennifer Aniston [Tweet this quote!]

“You just need to know you are going to do it and it will just take time. Be confident you have the tools and desire, remain patient, and it will happen.” -Anne Fulenwider, editor-in-chief, Marie Claire

“The biggest mistake we can make is not wanting to make a mistake." -Linda Alvarado, CEO of a major construction company and co-owner of the Colorado Rockies baseball team


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