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The 5 Fittest Stars on Time Mag's '100 Most Influential People' List


It's always fun to check out Time magazine's list of the 100 most influential people in the world. The 2013 roundup includes an impressive range of people from President Barack Obama to Jay-Z to Jimmy Kimmel to Pope Francis. We were also pleasantly surprised to see some of our favorite fit stars on the list, so we made our own top-five list.

1. Beyoncé. All hail Queen B! It's no surprise that superstar singer and SHAPE cover model Beyoncé made the cut. "When Beyoncé does an album, when she sings a song, when Beyoncé does anything, it's a national event. She is the heir-apparent diva of the U.S.A.—the reigning national voice," Baz Luhrmann says in the magazine.

2. Lindsey Vonn. Vonn recently made headlines when she admitted she was dating Tiger Woods, but we love the world champion skiier for encouraging girls and women to get involved with sports.

3. Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence once confessed to hating exercising in an interview with Glamour magazine. While we're obviously big fans of exercise here at SHAPE, we can appreciate the star's honesty!

4. Kate Middleton. This sports-loving British citizen was seemingly on a path to an ordinary life until she met, fell in love with, and married Prince William. Since then, the Duchess of Cambridge has charmed British citizens and foreigners alike with her unflappable demeanor, trendy wardrobe, and charity work.

5. First lady Michelle Obama. Regardless of politics, we'd give almost anything to be as fit as Mrs. O! Luckily we managed to snag an exclusive interview with the Obamas' personal trainer. Check it out here and get a sneak peek of how the first family gets fit together.


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