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6 Biggest Loser-Approved Indulgences


The Biggest Loser Season 14 winner Danni Allen may have made her home a “safe zone” by eliminating white flour, white bread, chips, ice cream, and other less-than-healthy foods, but it doesn’t mean it’s an indulgence-free zone! The 26-year-old, who dropped 121 pounds to beat Jeff Nichols for the title by less than a pound, shared the top treats she learned to make while on the ranch. 

Salty Sweet Treat
For a chocolate fix without going overboard, “I break off one square of Godiva dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds.” 

"Ice Cream"
“I’m a sweets girl, but I’m busy. For a quick dessert, I sprinkle non-dairy canned whipped cream with cinnamon and eat it like it’s ice cream.”

Sorta Sorbet
“I mix Greek yogurt with Crystal Light made with Truvia so it’s all-natural. I freeze the mixture. It’s like sorbet after an hour.”

Comfort Food
“My favorite vegetable is grilled eggplant Parmesan with turkey Bolognese. I add spinach to the sauce to get in even more veggies.”

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Chips and Dip
“For a snack, I like jicama root. I’ll slice it into chips and make salsa or I’ll slice the jicama really thin, top with lemon juice and cinnamon, and shake it in a bag.”

Cocktail Time
“I researched which cocktails are low in calories. I stick to vodka with soda and lime, but I keep it to a minimum because alcohol slows down your metabolism.”

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