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Alison Sweeney Wants You to Vote for SHAPE!


We are happy to announce that April cover model Alison Sweeney has thrown her support behind for the 2012 Webby Awards! The lovely Biggest Loser host and author of The Mommy Diet has been an inspiration to our readers and to us for years, so we were delighted to hear she was going to vote for SHAPE in the People's Voice competition (click here to submit your vote!).

If you've read the latest issue of SHAPE, you know that this mother of two knows that health is more than a number on the scale. Alison maintains a healthy diet (read about it here!) and recently achieved a major fitness milestone: completing her first marathon, the Honda L.A. Marathon, a race that she started training for last fall. "Running a marathon has been on my bucket list for years," she told SHAPE exclusively. "I'm ready for the challenge!"

We love hearing stories like Sweeney's at SHAPE—after all, overcoming fitness challenges, eating a balanced diet, and meeting goals are what we're all about. That's why Sweeney's support simply reaffirms our belief in the work we do here at

So what are you waiting for? Go vote for SHAPE now!

Want to know more about how Alison stays healthy? Follow her @Ali_Sweeney on Twitter or visit


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