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Angelina Talks Teen Rebellion, Amanda Seyfried Doesn't Want Model Abs, and Emma Stone's Healthy Mindset

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With all the glamour of Hollywood, it’s easy to forget that celebrities are just like the rest of us. From weight resolutions to healthy living practices, these leading ladies remind us that we’re all trying to be our best selves daily. Who inspired you this week? Tweet us @Shape_Magazine, tag us on @Instagram, or comment below.

1. From rebellious teen to mother of six. Remember the dark and brooding 20-year-old who kissed her brother and wore her husband's blood around her neck? Angelina Jolie's come a long way since those days! The world-renowned superstar and humanitarian muses on her past, falling in love, and having children in the June issue of Elle, saying that the "tumult" of her twenties wasn't intended to be seen as rebellious; instead, she says she was "trying to find out who [you] are." Jolie also admits that she thought she'd never find love or have children, attributing that to her upbringing in a "broken home."

2. A-okay without abs. “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t constantly aware of what I’m doing with my body,” Amanda Seyfried recently told ELLE U.K. “I don’t have to look like a supermodel. I don’t have to have those abs…But because we have all been designed to want these things, I’m a victim of this stuff too.” Who in Hollywood does Seyfried look up to? Kate Upton! She refers to her as “the new image of beauty.”

3. In vogue vegetables. Socialite Nicole Richie has quite the green thumb! The star told Us Weekly she harvests her own vegetables. "It's important for people to know and be educated on whatever they're putting into their body," she said.

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4. Being gentle. Spider Man 2 star Emma Stone opened up about her body image to admitting, “Keeping weight on is a struggle for me—especially when I'm under stress, and especially as I've gotten older.” To maintain a healthy weight and mindset, the star shared this adorably sweet secret: “I remind myself to be kind to treat myself in the same gentle way I'd want to treat a daughter of mine.”

5. Sweating in style. While promoting the launch of her new workout clothing line Fabletics, Kate Hudson dished on her own routine to People. “I switch it up all the time, whether it’s as simple as just getting on an elliptical or treadmill to taking a spinning class to dancing to running around with my kids. I’ll try anything.” Really...anything? “I don’t know if I’d get into bodybuilding,” the actress corrected herself. “But if I had a movie that meant I had to build up, I think it would actually be really fun to see what my body could do!”


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