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Behind the Scenes of Anderson Live with Guest Co-Host Stacy London


He may seem like a serious journalist on CNN, but when it comes to Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show Anderson Live, it’s all about fashion, trendy topics, and even “boobage!”

SHAPE was invited to be part of the show today as our brand new style editor-at-large, What Not to Wear star Stacy London, co-hosted. While I’ve been fortunate enough to be a regular guest on many talk shows, this time I got to sit in the audience and live tweet @Shape_Magazine #AndersonLiveBlogger throughout the show with the behind-the-scenes scoop for all of SHAPE’s followers.

Anderson’s warm-up comedian got audience members going by putting them into a dance-off a la Romy and Michelle, with the winner taking home an Anderson t-shirt.

Once Anderson and Stacy were announced onto the set, they started off the show discussing—what else?—the Lance Armstrong doping scandal, his big interview with Oprah, and whether or not he really “came clean” about taking drugs during his cycling days. (The consensus was no.)

Moving on from sports to fashion, Anderson asked Stacy what she thought of the recent Golden Globes red carpet looks. Stacy said that she noticed that the overall trends were red, black, white, nude, and “boobage.”

While Anderson said he didn’t understand the whole red carpet thing (“What, are celebs hawking jewels now?” he asked), what he really didn’t understand is why celebs—females in particular—pose the way they do. Stacy explained (and demonstrated) that “women have curves and need to stand in a way that shows off those curves, in a ‘V’ formation.”

After a brief discussion on cat sweaters (Stacy bought one for Anderson—who knew she was a cat lady?), Stacy made the big announcement that she’ll soon be debuting a column for SHAPE based on her business, Style for Hire, and that every audience member would receive a copy of the mag.

Next up was an interview with body language expert Janine Driver, who said that from the boardroom to the bedroom to the bar, body language is key! “Superman pose”—standing with feet shoulder-width apart and hands on your hips—will help you feel more confident in every situation, while in a high-stress sitch, channel Anderson and let your hand rest on your chin so you appear as if you can handle things.

After analyzing Armstrong’s body language during his Oprah interview, Driver deduced that the cyclist was probably unsure of himself at times and not telling the whole truth. Tip: If you’re lying and don’t want people to know, whatever you do, don’t touch your nose!

Finally the show wrapped with Stacy doing what she does best: Answering style questions from the audience, and many Q’s on bras, including one from a new mom to who recently lost 30 pounds. Stacy told her to stop hiding her shape in big, baggy clothes and to go get a bra fitting. (As the author of The Bra Book, I can’t agree enough about how important this really is!)

After snapping a shot with Anderson in his photo booth, I was led backstage where I got to chat with Stacy for a few minutes about her new gig with SHAPE and why image matters.

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Jené Luciani (JL): Do you think Anderson will ever wear the cat sweater you got him again?
Stacy London (SL): I think there is not a high probability, although he looked really great in it!

JL: Why are you excited to be working with SHAPE?
SL: I want all the benefits of SHAPE to have all the right people to get me in shape. (Laughs) Seriously, though, it’s such a magazine that I love and it really offers easy-to-process information with tips that you can integrate into your life. That’s why I started Style for Hire, so that every woman has a “personal cheerleader” in the style department, and now I get to bring that to SHAPE’s readers as well.

JL: What will your column be like each month?
SL: It will include stylists from my company and their clients, so you’ll see real women and us fixing real problems like someone who’s losing weight and needs advice, or someone who’s going out in the workforce for the first time. It’s going to be a companion to what’s already in SHAPE because you could do kettlebells till you are blue in the face, but no matter what shape you are in, if you don’t know how to dress your body, it just won’t work. Style is a tool that can really help you get what you want out of life because, as you know, in every situation, image is everything!

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JL: So then with Lance Armstrong, what did you notice different about his image?
SL: He changed his hair color and made it darker, probably to be taken more seriously. Someone absolutely advised him to do this, like an image consultant.

JL: So then Anderson probably shouldn’t wear his cat sweater too often out in public.
SL: No, he probably shouldn’t…

To catch Anderson Live, check your local listings. Meanwhile, look for Stacy’s column each month in SHAPE!


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