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Bethenny Frankel Introduces New Shapewear Line


Just when it looked like the shapewear craze was dying down, it made a comeback! In addition to powerhouse brands like Reebok, Fila, and Champion's newly released athletic shapewear that tones while you work out, businesswoman and Bethenny Ever After star Bethenny Frankel has recently released her own line of shapewear. Her exclusive line, Skinnygirl Solutions, which launched at Macy's mid-May, purports to be different from standard shapewear in that it does triple duty as shapewear, outerwear, and sexy lingerie.

"Everything I create stems from a personal need or those of the women in my life," Frankel tells SHAPE. "I constantly get feedback on what women want and saw a void in the market for a practical, affordable shapewear solution. Everyone has a body part they’re not thrilled about but it’s also about confidence and everybody feeling better with a little lip gloss and shapewear."

The line, which includes a one-piece bodysuit, a cami with built-in bra cups, briefs, and more, is a sexy, yet practical shapewear line that functions as a smoothing solution to all those troublesome lumps and bumps, but it's also stylish enough that it can be worn as outerwear.

"In the past, shapewear has been unattractive, rolls up or rolls down, pinches in weird places, and is often very expensive," Frankel says. "Skinnygirl Solutions is lazy lingerie that’s comfortable and functional under your daytime wardrobe and then becomes a hot and sexy moment in the privacy of your bedroom. Who really wants that awkward moment of fumbling in your closet to get your lingerie outfit together?"

The line was designed with real women in mind, Frankel says, and nothing retails for more than $65. "I created Skinnygirl Solutions for real women," she says. "We are all Skinnygirls, no matter what size we are, and there isn't a woman I know who isn't self-conscious about something. From sexy lace bodysuits to slips and staple layering camis, there is something for everyone."

Interested in trying out Frankel's new shapewear line? It's available at Macy's,,, and Try it out and let us know what you think!


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