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Britney Spears Works It in New Video

"Work Bitch" Music Video

Ya wanna look hot in a bikini? Ya gotta work, b**ch. Britney Spears tells no lie.

And her new video for her single "Work Bitch" proves she's been working! Even with exploding mannequins, sharks, whips, leather, high kicks, and a dimly lit nightclub, you can't ignore her hot and svelte body (check out her abs on our June cover). Spears credits her figure and flexibility to yoga, lots of cardio, and hitting the gym with her trainer three times a week.

We've already been loving this song, but there is something about seeing her signature moves in action, queen-of-pop flare, knee-high leather boots and barely-there outfits, and BritBrit whipping it out that just makes it that much better. This will keep us working, working, working it out as we hit the pavement for a run, turn it up at the gym, or just bust a move. (High kicks are totally fair game.)

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Check out the new hit video below. Better yet, take it to the gym and get to work, b**ch! And tell us what you think of her new video and song in the comments below or @Shape_Magazine.


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