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Britney's Launching a Line of Lingerie, Mindy Kaling's Green Juice Struggles, and How Elle MacPherson Looks So Fierce at 50

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Need a break from all the celebrity gossip? Instead, get inspired by these A-listers who are setting a positive example and making us feel good about our bodies.

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1. The Body’s still got it. “Super greens...After super swim,” captioned Elle Macpherson on a recent Twitter photo that caused quite the buzz over the 50-year-old’s stellar physique. Her secret? An alkaline diet. The model told ABC News that she swears by her green concoctions and a meal plan consisting mostly of "vegetables, a little bit of fish, not much protein, no coffee, [and] alcohol." But when it comes to her workout, Macpherson opts to mix it up with a variety of outdoor activities from surfing to running or hiking to biking. "It’s not really just about making sure you look thin but it's actually that you enjoy doing," she explains.

2. Summer loving. Oops, she did it again! Britney Spears is back, b*****, and she's looking hotter than ever. The self-proclaimed "not innocent" singer is launching her own line of sexy lingerie this fall. She posted a sneak peek on her Instagram account, saying, "Coming very soon...the Intimate collection by yours truly xoxo." Can't wait, Brit!

3. Strong as a horse. Sorry Kim, but it looks like Khloe Kardashian found herself a new workout buddy! The reality star mixed up her fitness routine this week (she typically enlists powerhouse trainer Gunnar Peterson) and saddled up for horseback riding lessons. "Meet my new bestie, Nick,” she captioned a video of her first lesson. And it seems as though Khloe’s found her inner-equestrian! She returned to the stables for a second lesson, saying, "2nd lesson and I love it!!!" Khloe has recently been on a fitness kick and lost 30 pounds by hitting the gym three to four times a week for strength sessions, boxing circuits, and medicine-ball workouts. 

4. A love/hate relationship. You would think she’s talking to an ex, but alas, Mindy Kaling posted a cryptic message to none other than her daily wheatgrass shot: “Did I disappoint you or leave a bad taste in your mouth,” she joked on a green concoction snap. Jokes and bad taste aside, Kaling seems to be drinking the power potions routinely. She shared another, (less enthused) pic two days later saying, “I hate it, I hate this life.” The actress is open about trying to make regular, healthy changes without putting too much pressure on herself. She previously told Vogue, “I'm constantly in a state of self-improvement...but I don't beat myself up over it."

5. Why do you need birth control?Girls star Lena Dunham opened up a Twitter discussion Tuesday about birth control following the recent Supreme Court decision ruling that Hobby Lobby and other for-profit companies could be exempt from providing their employees birth control coverage. “I need birth control because I have endometriosis and it helps manage pain,” she wrote. “Why do you?” Dunham is a longtime vocal supporter of Planned Parenthood and women’s reproductive rights. In fact, she recently announced that the organization will be “rocking out” with her on her upcoming book tour. We cannot wait.


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