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Catt Sadler Talks Oscar Nods and Red Carpet Trends

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From the Golden Globes in January until the Oscars in March, Hollywood becomes a blur of red carpets, gorgeous gowns, and golden statues. But if, like us, your invite to the awards shows were lost in the mail, you can still get an insider's POV from E! News correspondent Catt Sadler as she reports live from the red carpet this season. Here the Emmy-winning TV anchor shares which style trends to expect, her top picks for Oscar wins, and her simple secret for glowing skin.

SHAPE: The Grammy Awards are this Sunday. What is it about the Grammys that sets it apart from other awards shows?
Catt Sadler (CS): This will be the first year I'm covering the red carpet at the Grammys, and I'm so excited! I know it's going to be wild and outrageous because it's the one awards show where anything goes—like Lady Gaga in her meat dress or riding in on horseback. It's just such a circus.

SHAPE: How do you think Ellen Degeneres will do as the host of the Oscars?
CS: I feel like Ellen can get away with anything Ellen wants to do. She's a popular fan favorite. Seth [MacFarlane] took a risk [last year] and was a little polarizing, but I don't see Ellen toning it down or adjusting her performance because of that. If there's a joke she wants to try, I think she'll try it. The audience knows there will be some ribbing going on. Having said that, it is the Academy Awards, which is more formal than the Golden Globes where everyone is eating and drinking. But Ellen has had enough experience, she knows what she's doing, and I think she's going to kill it.

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SHAPE: Which film is your pick to win the Academy Award for best picture?
CS: I really loved 12 Years a Slave—that was one of my absolute favorites. As an entire cinematic offering, it was just really beautiful, well acted, and well directed. It's the type of film the Academy usually awards the gold to. [Tweet this!]

SHAPE: Who are your favorite nominees for best actor?
CS: There were so many good performances this year. I was so thrilled to hear that Leo [Leonardo DiCaprio] got nominated for The Wolf of Wall Street and Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club. It came out earlier last year, and sometimes movies that are released early in the year can get neglected at the end of the year since they're not as fresh in everyone's mind during voting, but McConaughey is so deserving of his nomination. And Leo gets snubbed a lot at the Academy Awards, so that was great that they recognized him.

SHAPE: Let's talk fashion. What colors and styles of dresses are in this year?
CS: It's so hard to predict. I remember last year there were a bunch of blush tones and pale pinks, and Amanda Seyfried and Anne Hathaway dressed similarly in an almost winter-white look. But this awards season so far has been incredibly unpredictable. We've seen so many different looks at every single show. The one thing we can always depend on at the Academy Awards is that we'll see the most elaborate, the most embellished, couture, over-the-top, editorial-looking gowns. I'm looking forward to seeing stars like Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lawrence really take it to the extreme because it's the one day in Hollywood when they should. It's like everyone is Cinderella for a day.

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SHAPE: After Amy Adams showed side boob at the Golden Globes and Lawrence pointed out her “armpit vagina” at the SAG awards, is it becoming a trend to show off different body parts than typical cleavage?
CS: I wouldn't say that it's a trend but you're absolutely right—at least we're focusing on some different parts that would never have made headlines in the past. For example, Kerry Washington, who's pretty far along in her pregnancy, just showed up in a crop top at the SAG awards. I do feel like people are taking more chances—there aren't as many rules as there once were. We are seeing lots of cutouts and crop tops. But I don't think we'll see a lot of strapless gowns just so people can show off their armpit vaginas, so I don't think that will become a red carpet trend anytime soon. I hope not, anyway.

SHAPE: Any last-minute tricks to look amazing on the red carpet?
CS: I think sweating really helps. It doesn't sound glamorous, but I'm really into hot yoga, and I love how my skin looks after one hour of a class. You have to get that full-on sweat—I'm talking dripping, soaking wet. If I do that the night before an awards show, I'm radiant and have this glow. You can have the perfect dress, but at the end of the day it's how you feel—mind, body, it is all tied together. If you have that energy about you, people can't help but notice. [Tweet her tip!]

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