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The Celeb Bikini Body Every Woman Wants


Labor Day weekend may signal the unofficial end of summer, but we want to rock our bikini bodies all year long. Read on for which celeb women most want to look like in a swimsuit, Britney's preparation for her Vegas show, and more of this week's top celebrity news. Did we miss anything? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @Shape_Magazine.

1. The most desirable celebrity bikini body. Skin and body care company Sanctuary Spa conducted a survey, which found that women are happiest with their naked bodies at the age of 34, when we finally grow to love our physiques, flaws and all. But it seems that the most desirable celebrity body is 49-year-old model Elle MacPherson, whom 50 percent of women would like to look like in a sexy two-piece. Encouraging to know we can get better with age!

2. A waltz to wellness. Who could not have been left inspired and in awe after hearing the news that despite battling brain cancer, Valerie Harper has signed on to take part in the next season of Dancing With The Stars? Her doctor says the actress is miraculously “close to a remission.” The 74-year-old star, famous for her role in The Mary Tyler Moore Show, will be joined by Glee’s Amber Riley, Snooki, and Christina Milian among others for the hit ABC show. We can’t wait and have tissues at the ready.

 3. A Girl dressed like a classy woman. Lena Dunham graces the cover of the U.K. Marie Claire—and looks strikingly beautiful. “It is such a relief to be dressed by a designer who doesn't feel that women sizes 4 and up belong in a belted sack,” she wrote on her Instagram.

4. Britney’s getting ready for Vegas. It’s hard not to root for our June cover model, Britney Spears, after her personal and professional highs and lows. And now the pop princess is prepping for her two-year residency in Sin City by hitting up a dance studio in Calabasas, CA, for nonstop rehearsals. Can’t wait to see Brit Brit back in action!

5. Sweating inside when it’s scorching hot outside. Most people exercise in an air-conditioned gym during the hot August days, but Vanessa Hudgens opts to take hot yoga to tone her abs. The actress posted a photo on her Instagram after a core yoga class.


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