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Chris Martin Blames Himself for 'Conscious Uncoupling'

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Coldplay frontman Chris Martin is opening up about his 'conscious uncoupling' from Gwyneth Paltrow, telling BBC Radio 1 that he blames himself for their impending divorce.

"Ever since our band came out, we have been a very polarizing group because we do a certain thing very well. About two years ago I was a mess really because I can't enjoy the thing that we are good at and I can't enjoy the great things around me because I'm burdened by this," Martin said. "I've got to not blame anyone else and make some changes."

Martin also admitted he felt he needs to "grow up" and address certain issues he had. "I wouldn't use the word breakdown," he said. "It's more a realization about trying to grow up, basically."

While Martin didn't elaborate on what specifically caused his marriage troubles—though he alluded to the fact that he has trouble "letting love in"—he did say that heartbreak can be constructive.

"I think in life everyone needs to be broken in some way," he said. "I think everyone in their life goes through challenges, whether it’s love or money, kids, or illness. You have to really not run away from that stuff."

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