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Christal Engle's Healthy Living Philosophy


If Christal Engle had to sum up her healthy living philosophy in one sentence, it would be "I live happy and active and in the moment." The 27-year-old beach volleyball pro is headed to New Jersey this weekend to compete in the Belmar Open, one of the events in the seven-tournament Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball Series. On the way, she stopped in New York to talk fitness, food, and her favorite beauty products.

Playing volleyball daily helps Engle stay fit, but when she's not on the court, she's running in the sand, doing bodyweight exercises (she loves squats and reverse lunges), walking her dog, or using resistance bands to work out.

"Running and jumping in the sand for volleyball means we use a lot of quick-twitch muscle fibers," Engle says. "So we do a lot of sprints. One of my favorite drills is where you sprint from one end of the gym or room to the other. Walk back and then sprint to the other side again."

Her workout routine may seem intense, but when it comes to her diet, Engle is a firm believer in moderation. One food she can't live without? Bell peppers!

"I'm obsessed with veggies," she says. "I could eat red bell peppers with hummus all day long." Other foods that are always in her fridge include quinoa, sweet potatoes (another favorite of hers), and lean proteins. But she does have a couple of vices and a sweet tooth: "I'm a total candy girl," she says. "I could eat an entire bag of gummy bears in one sitting. My husband has to stop me sometimes."

She also loves margaritas. "I love the Jose Cuervo Wild Berry Light and the Authentic Light flavors," she says. "On their own, they're kind of sweet, so I love to mix them together over ice. There's nothing better than sitting back with a margarita after a long day in the sun."

Considering that Engle is a beach volleyball player and spends most of her time in the sun, we just had to ask about her summer beauty regime. How does she avoid that sliding-down-your-face feeling when she puts on makeup?

"First I have to put on sunscreen," she says. "I can't go out without sunscreen. I always have a little bronzer, mascara, and chapstick on, but unless I'm going out at night, I don't really wear a lot of makeup. Oh, and I'm a big fan of Biore face wipes, because I'm always wiping my face between games!"

Any volleyball fans out there? If you have a chance, check out the Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volelyball series in Belmar this weekend—it starts this afternoon (6/22), and it's free!


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