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Danica Patrick's Best Confidence-Boosting Tips


As a successful woman in a predominately male sport, racecar driver Danica Patrick can teach us all something about self confidence. And the brunette beauty's success extends far beyond the track. Last year Patrick was the most searched athlete on Yahoo!, and just last month she graced the cover of ESPN The Magazine's Women in Sports issue.

In the past two years, Patrick has also found the time to be a spokesperson for DRIVE4COPD, a public health initiative aimed at helping people recognize symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. After losing her grandmother to the disease, Patrick encourages people everywhere to go to DRIVE4COPD.ORG to assess their risk so others don't have to go through what she did.

Patrick exudes confidence and a will-do attitude in everything she does. She's also the picture of health and one sexy lady! So when we had the chance to catch up with her, we found out how she forged a new path for women in auto racing and how she stayed so self-assured along the way. Steal her tips to achieve any goal you set!

1. Find what you're good at and don't think about the obstacles. "I think you just have to find what you're good at. If you find that you're good at something and it might be male dominated then just don't think about that, just try and be the best at whatever it is that you have a talent for and that you enjoy doing—which are usually the same thing. Usually we enjoy doing things that we're good at. Just keep working hard and have the big picture goal in mind. I think that everything moves in that direction when you have the bigger goal in the back of your head."

2. Preparation is the key to confidence. "I think that confidence comes with preparation. When you're prepared for something and you know you've done everything you can to do your very best that day then you can be confident. I really think that's the truth—no matter what kind of job you're in there is always research you can do, or homework style things you can do or just attentiveness or develop relationships with people. Those are all helpful things that allow you to be more confident in your job instead of doubting yourself and thinking, ‘I should have tried a little harder.'"

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