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Did Naked Yoga Really Send Kris Packing?


Who hasn't heard about Kim Kardashian's divorce at this point? Everybody knows she's filed for divorce. Now the only question is why? The second season premiere of Kourtney and Kim Take New York aired on Sunday, and it may provide some insight. Turns out the surprising reason behind their divorce may be...naked yoga? From the way the episode played out, it appears that Kris wasn't too happy about Kim taking a naked yoga class in the hotel they were staying in with her sister Kourtney. So it got us thinking, how could naked yoga affect your relationship, either for good or bad?

We went to Karol Ward, a licensed psychotherapist, to get her take on how naked yoga could ultimately affect your relationship.

"Despite the famous saying, 'opposites attract', successful couples ultimately share core values and beliefs about life," she says. "If naked yoga is something a couple both like and have experience with, then there's no problem.  But if participating in a naked yoga class or being taught by a naked yoga teacher is something you never have talked about, then there is a good chance it will harm your relationship." 

Ward compares naked yoga to money or politics, and says that it's something you must talk about with your partner before springing it on him or her.

"Most people aren't laid-back about things such as politics, family members or religion," she says. "To introduce that kind of intimacy with another person, no matter how it's packaged, is threatening to a new relationship. Even long-standing ones can feel the hit." 

Obviously, Kim and Kris had bigger problems than the naked yoga, though it could be naked yoga was the straw that broke the camel's back. But what do you guys think? Do you think Kim should have told Kris that she was taking a naked yoga class, or do you think Kris overreacted?



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