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DWTS Contestant Maria Menounos Cracks Two Ribs


We just learned that Dancing with the Stars contestant Maria Menounos cracked two ribs during this week's rehearsals. While practicing their new routine, the TV personality landed on partner Derek Hough’s knee. But don’t worry, she still plans on performing in tonight’s show.

We’re not surprised to hear Menounos is powering through her injury but we were surprised to hear her tell Extra correspondent Renee Bargh, "his [Hough’s] knee is really hard and my ribs are really soft.” The always fit Menounos once told us she prefers to have people punch her in the stomach to keep her abs firm rather than do crunches—we thought she could withstand anything! Personally I don’t love crunches either but this takes it to a whole new level! Read on to get the full story as to why Maria developed this odd fitness habit and how it was her father who gave her the idea (it’s a crazy story, I wouldn’t believe it if she didn’t tell it to me first hand).

Tune in to ABC tonight to see if this injury impacts Maria and Derek’s performance and how the other Dancing with Stars contestants fare with the jive and quickstep. Head over to to get the full scoop on the first injury of DWTS season 14. And don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for my recap of tonight’s performances.

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