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DWTS Finals: Full of Tasty Tidbits to Tickle Your Taste Buds


With only one performance left before the season 14 Dancing with the Stars champion is announced it’s almost impossible to say who will win! Last night each of the finalists performed two dances, first a judge’s pick in a style the celebrity struggled with earlier in the season and then the much-anticipated freestyle. After the two performances we were left with Katherine Jenkins in the lead with a perfect 60 trailed by just one point by both William Levy and Donald Driver. So how did last night’s performances leave us with such a tight finale?

Levy, who came into the finals in second place, kicked off the night with a cha cha cha with the help of judge Bruno Tonioli who said the performance was, “an intoxicating Cuban cocktail.” Len Goodman agreed saying it was, “as good of a cha cha as he’s ever seen in 14 seasons,” earning Levy a perfect 30 and the bar was set for the rest of the evening.

Jenkins, who spent the first eight weeks at the top of the leader board only to plunge to the bottom in the semifinals was up next. She performed a paso doble chosen by Goodman who said, “we all felt too much aggression [last time Jenkins performed a paso] and not enough finesse.” Well apparently the judge, who had never given Jenkins a 10, felt differently saying this week’s paso doble was, “full of tasty tidbits to tickle your taste buds. Very satisfying.” He almost sounded like Tonioli with his passionate alliteration! Jenkins earned her first perfect score of the season. 

And then there was Driver who earned his highest score of the season last week. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba decided he needed to take another crack at the Argentine tango; this time with more content and less tricks. While Inaba said she didn’t necessarily see more content this time around she did find, “a new crispness in all your moves,” giving Driver a 10. It was Goodman who, “felt there was far more content but for me, it was a tad careful,” who doled out the first nine of the night putting Driver in third place with a 29.

So now we enter the season 14 DWTS freestyle competition with an almost even playing field. Levy starts things off with a sexy little number the crowd loved. But Goodman follows up with what I’ve been thinking all season, “for me it was too predictable. All you do is shake your butt and get the women screaming.” Thank you Len! But Inaba argues, “that’s exactly what a freestyle should be.” Levy earns two 10s and a nine from Goodman. 

Next we see Mark Ballas telling his partner in rehearsal that she is the most versatile celebrity on Dancing with the Stars season 14 and he will be incorporating a wide variety of dance styles into their routine—including tap! The performance actually seemed a bit too jam-packed for me. Did Jenkins seem tired to anyone else? But it was an amazing performance and the judges agreed. Inaba said, “that was the dance of a champion.” Goodman went on to say, “If I was asleep and dreaming don’t wake me up. Now this was a freestyle!” Jenkins earns another perfect score securing her top spot. Could she be our next DWTS champ?

Driver and partner Peta Murgatroyd close the night with a super fun ho down dressed in Green Bay Packers green and gold. The two were in sync and the dance was high energy. For me this wins for most fun dance of the evening. Driver earned his first 30 of the season. 

Going into Dancing with the Stars finale it seemed that Levy would win with his crowd pleasing butt shaking but now it really is anyone’s game! I’m still rooting for Jenkins, Levy, Driver but we’ll find out what happens on the DWTS season 14 final tonight! What do you think? Who should win the Dancing with the Stars mirror ball trophy this year? In the meantime find out who we named the winner of the sexiest shirtless dancer of Dancing with the Stars season 14!

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