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DWTS Semifinals: Overtraining, Injuries, Makeouts, and More


Last night’s DWTS semi-finals will determine who will go home in today’s double elimination and who will be competing at the first ever Dancing With the Stars: All Stars finals! As can be expected, some stars really stepped up their game, while others fell a little short.

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani
Dance: Caveman hustle
Score: 27.5
Last week Melissa Rycroft dominated the leaderboard with six perfect scores, but with pro Tony Dovolani injured, could they do it again? Judge Len Goodman said, “It was a hustle without a hassle,” but Bruno Tonioli pointed out that there were, “a couple of turns where [they] lost the footing a little bit.” This was clearly a challenging routine, but the pair didn’t seem as grounded and committed to the steps as usual, perhaps due to Dovolani’s injury.

Michael Jackson dance: Argentine tango
Song: "Dirty Diana"
Score: 30
The former Bachelorette felt extra motivated going into this dance as she is the only remaining contestant who did not win her original season. And you could see it! Rycroft was rock-solid with her always-amazing extensions and an unstoppable series of lifts. Tonioli said, “You really deserve to be in the finals. America, please listen to me!”
Total score: 57.5

Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough
Dance: Knight Rider Bhangra
Score: 30
Pro Derek Hough brought in a bhangra choreographer to help his team prepare for the high-energy Indian folk dance. This spring-in-your-step style was a perfect fit for gymnast Shawn Johnson and the pair nailed it! Unfortunately, aside from Hough’s black leather outfit and the red lights on stage, I didn’t see anything “Knight Rider” about this dance. The judges failed to comment on this and doled out three perfect scores. Did I miss something?

Michael Jackson dance: Argentine tango
Song: "Bad"
Score: 29
If Rycroft was rock-solid, Johnson was stone-solid. There was not a misstep in sight. And, surprisingly, the former Olympian had less tricks than Rycroft! Tonioli said, “You went for shape, lines, and style,” but Carrie Ann Inaba criticized, “It lacked drama, passion, and intimacy.” Goodman believeD, “There are two parts to the routine, and you nailed both!”
Total score: 59

Apolo Anton Ohno and Karina Smirnoff
Dance: Big top jazz
Score: 27
Wow, no one is as committed to this competition as Apolo Anton Ohno. This dancing duo put more time in rehersal than any other and it showed. Unfortunately not in a good way. Ohno and Smirnoff both looked tired on the dance floor: He slipped on his entrance and she touched the ground during a dip. Inaba said, “You were out of sync a lot and the dismounts were very sloppy,” while Tonioli revealed he would only dock the pair for Ohno’s slip. Goodman stateD, “There were a couple of awkward moments, but Apolo, you are a fighter. Well done.”

Michael Jackson dance: Rumba
Song: "Man in the Mirror"
Score: 30
Better than the first performance, this rumba was elegant and controlled. Inaba said, “You don’t have to over-dance in the this competition to achieve perfection,” and Tonioli added, “The flow of movement was perfection.”
Total score: 57

Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke
Dance: Espionage lindy hop
Score: 27
This spy-inspire dance was cute but just not at the level of the night’s earlier performances. Former footballer Emmitt Smith just didn’t pick up his feet and move with the same ease as the other performers, lacking in content and technical difficulty. The judges seemed to agree with vague comments like Tonioli’s, “It was the most fun performance,” and Inaba’s, “I think that was your most animated performance.” Goodman said he, “would have liked little more lindy.”

Michael Jackson dance: Tango
Song: "Leave Me Alone"
Score: 27
In rehersals for their second dance, pro Cheryl Burke clearly stated that her partner needed to bring his level of dancing up to stay in the competition. The number was clean but not exciting. Judge Goodman gave the pair a little bit of a pass saying, “You had the hardest challenge because you had to do ballroom tango [in hold]…I think you’ve coped marvelously well.” But Tonioli didn't let them off that easily, saying, “Never the less, the foot work what could have been more exact…It could have used a little more refinement.” Was this dance this kiss of death for Smith and Burke?
Total score: 54

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy
Surfer flamenco
Score: 25.5
This entertaining dance that ended with the cutest couple of DWTS splashing in water in their swimsuits did not sit well with the judges. Tonioli said, “The placement of the arms in the flamenco is very precise, and I didn’t see that,” and Inaba agreed, “It was all paso. I didn’t see the flamenco.” Goodman commented, “It had attack. It wasn’t really a flamenco.”

Michael Jackson dance: Rumba
Song: "Can’t Stop Loving You"
Score: 28.5
Before hitting the stage for a second time, Kelly Monaco revealed she feels like a fraud for having won the first season, knowing she wasn’t the best dancer, which may explain her waning confidence through this season. After this touch rumba, the actress has got to give herself more credit! And we know partner Val Chmerkovskiy will. Not only did he say he’s “super proud of the technique she showed,” he planted a full out mouth kiss on her at the end of their dance! Inaba pointed out that, “some of the movements were a little clipped,” but Goodman complimented, “It had control. It had emotion."
Total score: 54

Finally, I agreed with the ranking of the performances! Despite a not-so-Knight Rider bhangra, Johnson and Hough should be at the top of the pack with their consistent, daring, and challenging routines, followed by Rycroft and Dovolani who also bring challenging choreography to the table week after week. Ohno is lined up to take the third slot in this year’s DWTS finals, with Monaco and Smith tied for last place. My prediction: Johnoson and Rycroft duke it out for the win, with a third place finish for Ohno.

What do you think? Are these scores fair and do you agree with my predictions? Tell us in the comments below or tweet me at @Shape_Magazine. I love chatting DWTS

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